The professional tree felling company from Berry

DC Tree Care – Tree removal and pruning in Berry and Nowra, NSW

Owned by qualified aborist Dave Kelly, providing a complete tree management service:

  • Tree removal, pruning and shaping
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Mulching, mulch supply and delivery
  • Storm damage work, bushfire preparation and emergency work
  • Tree health assessment 
Tree removal in Berry and Nowra NSW

Our vision

  • Provide the highest standard of safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Be responsible and caring for the environment.
  • Value our customers' needs with effective communication and planning.
  • Build trust, respect and achieve mutual goals for our customers and the community.
  • Create a work environment where people are challenged and satisfied, continually improving our work practice to keep our OHS safety measures up to date.
tree felling in Berry

Our promise

Ensure all people, pets and property are safe throughout our work practice.

  • We work to Australian standards
  • $20 million liabilty insurance
  • Work cover compliance
  • All workers are trained and qualifed in aerial rescue, chainsaw and chipper operation and senior first aid.

We can provide you with any documentation you require to assist in getting the job done.

Our equipment

We take pride in our equipment and regularly maintain our machinery to ensure its minimal impact on the environment.

  • BANDIT 12 inch chipper
  • RED ROO stump grinder
  • Top of the range STHIL chainsaws
  • AVANT Loader

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